Strategic Plan

We launched our Strategic Plan at our Annual General Meeting in June 2015 and officially launched our
Strategic Plan internally at our Employees Recognition Dinner in October 2015. Throughout 2015, staff were
oriented to our new Strategic Plan and continue to be supported in integrating our Strategic Directions to
achieve our Vision:

“Empowering and supporting children as well as families to foster a healthy future for our communities.”

This narrative reporting mechanism outlines goals and the strategies we have initiated or will initiate both short
term and long term to achieve these goals for two of the four Strategic Directions. This process is meant to
engage staff at all levels in purposeful discussion while providing our Board of Directors with an opportunity to
gauge progress on our key areas of focus.

Learn more about our 2015-2018 Strategic Plan and welcome any feedback you may have.

Strategic Plan:

- English
- French


First narrative report - June 2016

Second narrative report - June 2017

Third narrative report - June 2018